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Visit is getting about 42266944848 visits during the period of one month. Such traffic volume could possibly generate about $211 334 724.24 comission every 30 days or $7 044 490.81 every day.

Youtube dot com is considered to be a well-known and poular site and the detected IP of is


2.8 out of 5 (based on 4 ratings)

Monthly Visits
42 266 944 848
Daily Visits
1 408 898 162
Website Value
$3 804 025 037.00
Alexa Rank
Estimated Monthly Earnings
$211 334 724.24
Estimated Daily Earnings
$7044490.81 Whois and Contact Information

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Country: United States
City: Not defined
Zip Code: Not defined
Latitude: 37.751
Longitude: -97.822

If you expect a good portion of your visitors will be coming from other regions, it’d be best if you used CDN or even moved your server to a different location. If most visitors are from Northern America, a good server location would be United States.

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